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November 6th, 2013

LATATA is very pleased to welcome to the Trade Association - its newest member LAX Models.

We welcome Scott Reedy and his agency LAX Models, the union is strengthened further by the adding of additional agency members.

The number of member agencies comprising the association is now eight (8) and forms a strong majority of licensed agents in the adult industry.

August 13th, 2013

LATATA welcomes to the adult trade association Dave Rock's Motley Models. It's always a pleasure when adding another licensed agency into the adult talent industry and Latata looks forward in the participation of its newest member.

Public Statement: January 30th, 2013

LATATA is aware of the threat, to assault the owner of one its member agencies made by adult actor Alex Torres aka Voodoo, via Twitter .

LATATA will not accept such threats as a means to resolve any dispute and takes all such threats seriously.

Appropriate law enforcement agency has been informed of same, and will continue to be informed of any and all further communications on the same matter and of a similar or related nature.

Violence or the threat of violence is never an appropriate means to settle a civil dispute and there are numerous appropriate remedies for same. Mr Torres is advised to seek such appropriate remedy if he chooses, and that all member agencies are cognizant and observant of his actions, he is strongly advised that he govern his actions accordingly, and within the law..

September 7, 2012

LATATA is delighted to announce that OC Modeling has rejoined the trade association. We are very pleased to welcome back OC Modeling. Sandra McCarthy brings years of agency and modeling experience to the association. Sandra McCarthy of OC Modeling says, "I believe what we are all doing as a whole... is for the good of the industry.. and for the health and safety of all of our talent... I think it's important during the good and the bad that we all stand together as ONE!"

LATATA (www.latata.org) is an industry non-profit trade organization that was formed between licensed agencies within the adult entertainment business in 2009. As one cohesive unit, the trade association has the ability to address issues that an individual may not be able take on by themselves, with the primary function of the union assuring the longevity and well being of the adult entertainment industry as a whole, while promoting the interests of the Artists and Agencies so working within it.

LATATA's goals are to promote the highest standards of responsible talent representation in the industry for the benefit of all who work with agencies, agents and talent. One of its current efforts and aims is to diminish or remove the myriad unlicensed and illegally operating agencies that have grown up within the adult industry. As its name states LATATA is an organization open only to those properly licensed by the State to conduct business as a talent agency / agent.

Current agency members include, alphabetically: Adult Talent Managers, Foxxx Modeling, LA Direct Models, Matrix Models, OC Modeling, Spiegler Girls, and Type 9 Models, all licensed to operate in the State of California.