LATATA was setup in order to form a union between all licensed talent agencies for the adult entertainment business. As one unit, the trade association has the ability to address issues that an individual may not be able to take on by themselves. Although the primary function of the organization is assuring the longevity and well-being of the adult entertainment.

LATATA is committed to the advancement of licensed talent agencies and the interest of their actor clients, through advocacy, education, and the promotion of ethical trade practices.

Current LATATA Members

101 Modeling TA-130875
Adult Talent Managers TA-153358
Foxxx Modeling TA-149438
Ideal Image Models TA-151955
Matrix Models TA-107365
Motley Models TA-131270
OC Modeling TA-82570
Spiegler Girls TA-85229


Please note that LATATA is not a point of contact with agencies. If you have an enquiry, please visit the agency sites directly.